The prayer shawl cupboard is nearly bare! So we are calling on all knitters to pick up their needles and join this worthwhile ministry. Our Pastors have taken these shawls to congregants facing surgery or serious illness; Outreach gave a shawl to each mother in the CAA apartments as a Christmas gift in 2017.

Rev. Sarah Vetter started a the tradition last spring of giving them to new members on the Sunday they joined the church. They give comfort, show caring and welcome.

This ministry requires that one knows how to knit (no pearling involved), a set of number 13 needles, 3 skeins of a thick acrylic yarn and a few prayers.

Members of the diaconate will be available during Fellowship Hour in October to supply the materials and instructions to those who would like to participate. New member Sunday is scheduled for November 18, 2018 so the need to fill the cupboard is imminent. We would appreciate your help. Contact Alison Hubley for more information: