Job Description & Compensation

Position Title: Minister of Community Life

This position is envisioned to create new programs and develop existing programs that meet the pastoral needs of current FCC members of all ages as well as to invite new individuals and families, with a focus on younger families, into the church and welcome them to church membership. Such programs could include social issues facing families and communities today, group interests, parent and child education etc.  Additional duties include offering a second voice in weekly worship services by preaching approximately one time per month and leading other aspects of worship during the Sunday service.

30 Hours per Week


  • Ordained Ministerial Standing in the United Church of Christ, preferred
  • Masters of Divinity, or other formal theological training, preferred
  • Experience in Parish Ministry with emphasis on program development
  • Demonstrated understanding of the changing landscape of ministry and passion for building the health, vitality and relevance of the church within our community
  • Knowledge of social media and community networking; ability to effectively advertise programs to garner community participation

Principal Areas of Responsibility

Small Group and Program Ministry Development
Responsible for creating, developing and supporting programs and small groups that engage people in relevant and meaningful ministry. Particularly responsible for outreach and engagement of the parents of young families, both current members of the church and those in the community.

Community Engagement
Responsible for developing relationships with community groups, multi-faith communities and community leadership (town, schools, civic organizations etc.) in an effort to build partnerships and programs that enhance the impact of the church’s public presence and mission.

Worship Leadership
Position will have weekly role in worship leadership, preaching approximately one time per month and leading other aspects of worship on Sunday morning. Will work collaboratively with the Senior Minister and other staff in the planning and development of vibrant worship aimed at deepening our life of faith and outreach.

Reporting & Evaluation

Minister of Community Life is an ordained position, called by the congregation in a formal vote, and reports to, and is evaluated by Lay Leadership Board. As the position operates within the Ministry Cone, she/he coordinates ministry duties with the Senior Minister.

Cash Salary/Housing Allowance

Not to exceed $80,000, salary & benefits
For information, see recommendations on Connecticut Conference Compensation Guidelines (

Sarah Vetter