The weeks after Christmas always strike me as a time of exhaling. All the joyful chaos of the Season has left us a little spent.

Traditionally, the Season after Christmas is a time of quiet and reflection as well; a time to consider how the Christmas event claims us as a people of faith. After our lives and our souls have quieted some and we have claimed for ourselves a moment or two of peace and stillness, it is important to reflect upon how this strange event claims us. What does it mean to our lives and to our life together that God is born into the world?

This ‘church’ season is called Epiphany. It is the day and season commemorating the visitation of the Magi, who bring with them gifts befitting a newborn king. It is also the church festival that celebrates the revelation of Christ to the world beyond the borders of Israel, symbolized in these Persian astrologers, or whatever they may have been, who traveled miles to bear witness to the Good News. And then left to bear this Good News back into the world.

Their travels beg the question of us: How do we bear this Good News into the world?

It is altogether fitting and appropriate for us to be considering this in this season of rebirth, of light returning to the world. It is altogether fitting in this season of revelation that we will be joining our lives to the dream of God for abundance and joy for all people.

I look forward to everything that the New Year will bring to us at the First Congregational Church and in sharing with you all that we will bring together to God’s world.

Blessings to each of you on the New Year.