Dear Friends,

I am so happy to see that our school year is off to a great start! It filled my heart to see all of our children, teens and families again on Rally Sunday after some time apart this sum-mer. I so enjoyed hearing of summer adventures, and fun times with family and friends.

Please read on for news about Sunday School happenings and upcoming events for children and teens. I hope you will join us and bring friends!

Sunday School Teachers and Assistants

Teens and adults – we need you! Please contact Debbie Edwards at to volunteer. All lessons and supplies are provided. Teach or assist as often as you like. We will be so grateful and you will be rewarded by new friendships with our children.

Sunday School – Peace Art

Our Sunday School classes began the year making peace mandalas. Mandala art has been used throughout the world for self-expression, spiritual trans-formation, and personal growth. Mandala is the ancient Sanskrit word for circle and is seen by Tibetans as a diagram of the cosmos. It is used by native Americans in healing rituals and in Christian cathedrals the labyrinth is a mandalic pattern used as a tool for meditation. We made our own mandalas to express our desire for world peace and to acknowledge that achieving peace takes collective work. Our mandalas were displayed, along with others from St. Andrew’s, SUUS, St. George’s, and other local houses of worship, on Friday Sept. 21st at the UN International Day of Peace event on the Guilford Green.

Sunday School – Learning about Moses

Our Sunday School classes will begin an extensive unit this month that follows Moses from the time when an angel appeared to him in a burning bush, to when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. Then, Moses received the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai along with God’s covenant to stay with the Israelites. After the people worshipped a false idol, Moses asked for and received God’s forgiveness for the people. Accompanying these Bible stories are activities and discussions that prompt our children to see God’s compassion for those who suffer, imagine answering God’s call, sense God’s resolve, and to be filled with awe by God’s commands and complete forgiveness. All of these stories can be found in the Shine On Bible for Children. Passages can be found in Exodus.

Scarecrows Invade FCC

Join us! All ages & HS/middle school youth groups! Sunday, September 30, noon, Scarecrow building in Chi Ro garden! Please submit ideas to Sue by Sunday, Sept. 23rd. Then, tell your friends to vote for our church scarecrows on the Green. Information on voting will be announced as soon as the scarecrows are in place. Winners announced at Trunk or Treat on Oct. 31st. PLEASE LET SUE KNOW ASAP IF YOU CAN PROVIDE US WITH HAY. Thanks so much!

Homelessness Awareness Sleep-out on the Green

7th graders and above! Please join us and invite your friends! Saturday, October 13-Sunday, Oct. 14, Annual Interfaith Homelessness Awareness Sleep-out on the Green. Event begins at 8:00pm on the 13th with a workshop on Racism in America, followed by individual shelter assembly and other activities to pro-mote awareness about homelessness, as well as opportunities to take action. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN BOX, or other materials to make a shelter – no tents. Hint: Ask at a local appliance shop for boxes. Our event will wrap up with a debrief during our Teen Gathering in the Parlor on Sunday during Worship. Please invite your friends! RSVP to Sue.

Teen Gathering – Issues that Matter to You

Our next monthly Teen Gathering during Worship will be the morning after our Sleep-out, Sunday, Oct. 14th in the Parlor during Worship. We will debrief and reflect on our presentation about racism and “white privilege” from the night before. No topics off limits. Invite friends!

We are Invited – Hindu Celebration

Hey Teens! Our Hindu neighbors have invited us to be their guests on Saturday, Oct. 20th on a festival night when they will be celebrating and worshipping in Hubley Hall. Please join us to learn about a festival called Dussehra that celebrates the triumph of good over evil through dance, prayer, and sharing a meal. We will gather in the main office at FCC at 7pm and wrap up around 9:00pm. Invite your friends! All are welcome to learn a bit about Hinduism and join our neighbors in celebration. Thank you to Lakh Keshwala for extending the invitation!

Junior Youth Group Meeting – 2nd – 7th graders

Come on over to Hubley Hall on Friday, Oct. 26th, 5:00-6:30 for Halloween baking, painting “welcome” rocks, and a pizza dinner. HS helpers always welcome! Please RSVP to Sue.

Halloween Cookie Walk

Join us Sunday, Oct. 28th for spooktacular Halloween activities during Coffee Hour following Worship.

Please Save the Date – Children’s Communion in the Chapel

You are Invited! All Sunday School Kids & Families, Please join Rev. Sarah and Sue on Sunday, November 4th in the Chapel to learn more about our sacrament of Holy Communion and participate in a very special children’s worship service. Find out answers to questions like “How did Communion start?”, “Did Jesus receive Communion?” and “Why do we eat bread and drink a small cup of juice at church every month?” Ask your own questions too. Let’s celebrate and worship our magnificent God together! Please Let Sue know if you would like to share music, read, etc, on November 4th. Teens – want to provide music or sing a song? We’d love to have you! Our Children’s Communion Worship Service will be held in lieu of Sunday School. Sunday School will resume on Sunday, November 11th.

I am looking forward to an Autumn filled with faith and fun and YOU! Join me!

With much love,
Sue Timony-Hall
Director of Children and Youth Ministry