December 2018
Meetinghouse News

Dec 16, 7:00pm
Long Night Service
Dec 23, 10:00am
Christmas Pageant
Dec 24, 5:00pm
Christmas Eve
Dec 24, 10:00pm
Candlelight Service
Dec 30, 10:00am
Christmas Carols

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Luke’s Gospel

Longing for a world ruled by compassion and love.

Honoring Marcia and Sue

We will be honoring their hard work and all the gifts they have shared with us during worship on Sunday, Dec 9th.

Congratulations Ministers!

Thanks to everyone who has supported our fundraising for this year’s Habitat for Humanity (Raise the Roof) Dancing with the Stars!

One Saturday a Month

All expressions of family are welcome to come to Family Date Night.
It is a great way to spend meaningful time together.